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vmoddomlimits: usage: [options] domain options: -v ( display the vpopmail version number )

        -d ( use the vlimits.default file, instead of domain )
        -S ( show current settings )
        -D ( delete limits for this domain, i.e. switch to default limits)
        -Q quota-in-megabytes ( set domain disk quota, '100' = 100 MB )
        -q quota-in-bytes ( set default user quota, '10M' = 10 MB )
        -M count ( set domain max msg count )
        -m count ( set default user max msg count )
        -P count ( set max amount of pop accounts )
        -A count ( set max amount of aliases )
        -F count ( set max amount of forwards )
        -R count ( set max amount of autoresponders )
        -L count ( set max amount of mailing lists )

the following options are bit flags in the gid int field

        -g "flags"  (set flags, see below)
        gid flags:
           u ( set no dialup flag )
           d ( set no password changing flag )
           p ( set no pop access flag )
           s ( set no smtp access flag )
           w ( set no web mail access flag )
           i ( set no imap access flag )
           r ( set no external relay flag )

the following options are bit flags for non postmaster admins

        -p "flags"  (set pop account flags)
        -a "flags"  (set alias flags)
        -f "flags"  (set forward flags)
        -r "flags"  (set autoresponder flags)
        -l "flags"  (set mailinglist flags)
        -u "flags"  (set mailinglist users flags)
        -o "flags"  (set mailinglist moderators flags)
        -x "flags"  (set quota flags)
        -z "flags"  (set default quota flags)
        perm flags:
           a ( set deny all flag )
           c ( set deny create flag )
           m ( set deny modify flag )
           d ( set deny delete flag )

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