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after 2 years of linuxing...still a noob. install pro, config noob, distro-whore.

got a job where i am the IT department (part-time) and a cad op full-time.

my peeps hate spending money, so they axed me to setup a new mail/web/ftp server. last year, i put the operation behind a smoothwall firewall, previously covered only by a nat router. previous mail was run on *gasp* win2k and ipswitch imail (old and of questionable origin). i hate paying microsoft for what you can do for free with linux, and have it more secure and run better. tried a couple of solutions (clarkconnect, debian perfect setup on howtoforge.com). the simplicity of qmt won me over. all the hard work is done...yeah i'm lazy.

toasting since 04/16/06 and loving it. no virus emails since the switchover to centos qmail-toaster...no surprise there. now client a-v is the least of my worries.

still need to do an dns correction, so i can do spf and domain keys properly. working on it in my "free" time.

certs 0 knowledge miniscule exposure maxed

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