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SuSE 10.1 QmailToaster Install

From Qmailtoaster

EZ QmailToaster Fresh Install on SuSE 10.1 x86_64 Nick Hemmesch <nick@ndhsoft.com> Jun 06, 2006

SuSE 10.1 x86_64: This test install was performed on an opteron 270 with 2GB ram on a MSI m/b.

This tutorial is for SuSE 10.1 x86_64 (sus10164)

To install SuSE 10.1 i586, replace sus10164 with sus101


You must have either a local dns server or a local caching name server. If you need a caching namserver, we will add one in Step 9.

Be sure to replace "your-domain.com" with your real domain name, and "your.fqdn.com" with your server's "Fully Qualified Domain Name".

1. Download SuSE 10.1 x86_64 CD iso's or the DVD iso.

 Burn iso's to CD, or DVD if you downloded a DVD iso
 Boot with your CD 1 or the DVD

2. Splash Page:

 Select "Installation", then
 Language: Select your language

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