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QTP Features

From Qmailtoaster

This page is obsolete. Please see QmailToaster-Plus



qtp-backup, qtp-restore

This is a pair of scripts for backing up and restoring QmailToaster's configuration and user data files. They can be run only from the CLI. See Backup and Restore for details.


This a set of scripts that install/upgrade the QmailToaster family of packages. It can be run from qtp-menu or the CLI. See Upgrading for details.



This is a script and configuration for adding/updating additional SpamAssassin rule sets from various web sites, primarily http://www.rulesemporium.com. It has been preconfigured for QmailToaster by Jake. It can be run from qtp-menu or the CLI. In order to run it as a daily cron job, you can do the following:

# cp -p /opt/qmailtoaster-plus/etc/cron.daily/rules_du_jour /etc/cron.daily/.


This script sets the /var/qmail/control/blacklists file to one of three sets of blacklist configurations:

The selected configuration takes effect immediately. The preconfigured files are named /opt/qmailtoaster-plus/etc/blacklists*. See these files for details of each configuration. The script can be run from qtp-menu or the CLI. CLI usage:

# qtp-set-rbls {-default|-loose|-moderate}

Queue Management


This is a simple script that allows you to view and manage (within limits) qmail remote and local queues. This is a special version (1.2.0-bovine) of qmHandle that includes some extended parameters. It can be run only from the CLI. See doc/qmHandle.doc.txt for details.


This is a queue manipulation program for viewing and modifying the contents of a qmail queue. It can be run only from the CLI. See doc/qmqtool.doc.txt and doc/qmqtool.faq.txt for details.


This is a qmail queue repair tool with many nice features. It can be run only from the CLI. See doc/queue_repair.doc.txt for details.



This script controls the spamd daemon. It can be run only from the CLI. CLI usage:

# qmail-spam {start|stop|restart|stat|pause|cont|status|help}


This script assists in viewing the various qmail logs. Follow the link for details.


This script checks your QmailToaster packages to see if there are any updates available. It can be run from qtp-menu or the CLI. The optional "-d" flag will include checking development packages. The last parameter (optional) is an email address where the output should be sent.

To have it run as a daily cron job with output emailed to the postmaster, you can

# cp -p /opt/qmailtoaster-plus/etc/cron.daily/qtp-ami-up2date /etc/cron.daily/.


This is a menu program to assist with running commands in the QmailToaster-Plus package.


This script generates statistics for top spam/ham rules fired for SpamAssassin. It can be run from qtp-menu or the CLI. CLI usage:

# sa-stats [-r {USER|@DOMAIN}]

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