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QMT-ISO Install Screenshots

From Qmailtoaster

01. boot.jpg

1. boot screen, just type enter for normal installation

02. keyboard.jpg

2. select your keyboard type

03. timezone.jpg

3. select your timezone

04. password.jpg

4. enter root password

05. software install.jpg

5. CentOS software installataion, please wait a while

06. network setup.jpg

6. network setup

07. network set IP address.jpg

7. configure your IP Address

08. first reboot.jpg

8. first reboot, just wait

09. initialized qmtiso.jpg

9. initialize qmtiso installation

- setup ntpd
- get centos latest update
- install perl and perl module

10. finish initialization.jpg

10. initialization finished, second reboot

11. install qmailtoaster.jpg

11. install qmailtoaster

- get qmailtoaster latest update
- install all qmailtoaster packages, it take about 1 hour it my vmware, it could take longer if you use older server, get a snack or watch the screen maybe you find something interests :)

12. finish install qmailtoaster.jpg

12. finish install qmailtoaster + qmailtoaster-plus, now final reboot

13. first time login.jpg

13. first time login

QMT-ISO Install Screenshots Mirror

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