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Fedora 14 i686 Notes

From Qmailtoaster

Qmailtoaster on Fedora 14, i686, kernel #1 SMP

(January 2011, Atanas Rusev, toltec@clubextreme.org)

Thanks to people making qmailtoaster available!

1. Prerequisits

2. Download scripts from (http://www.qmailtoaster.com/distro/fedora/fedora14/) they are original one from fedora_12 with simple changes - in them moment they are at:


3. Run scripts

sh fedora14-deps.sh

rpm -Uvh http://qtp.qmailtoaster.com/trac/downloads/1 yum install qmailtoaster-plus qtp-dependencies

sh fedora14-perl.sh

ln -s /usr/include/et/com_err.h /usr/include/com_err.h

4. Setting up mysql for vpopmail

mysql -p create database vpopmail; grant all privileges on vpopmail.* to vpopmail@localhost identified by 'Y0urpassword'; flush privileges; quit

5. Download Packages

sh current-download-script.sh

6. Install Packages

ln -s /usr/lib /usr/lib64 # note: i686 - lmysqlclient error, ezml package

sh fedora_14-install-script.sh

7. QmailToaster Configuration

vi /home/vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.mysql

and put there Y0urpassword

continue with QmailToaster Configuration at http://wiki.qmailtoaster.com/index.php/CentOS_5_QmailToaster_Install

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