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Account verification using badmailto

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Account verification using badmailto

If you do not use a catchall account, then any incoming mail to an undefined account will be bounced or deleted, depending the CatchAll setting. However, if you choose to use a catchall account (for whatever reason), you can specify characteristics of invalid account names using entries in the badmailto control file to reject mail to invalid account names.

For instance, if none of your account names contain the dash (-) character, you can include the line


in your badmailto file. This will reject any account name containing a dash. In a similar fashion, if no account names contain a period (.), you could add that too:


If none of the accounts in your domain contain numeric digits, you could add them as well:


Here's a brief explaination of what's going on in these examples:

Regular expresssions in the badmailto file can be a powerful tool to reduce spam when using a catchall account.

For more information about regular expressions, Mastering Regular Expressions is an excellent resource.

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